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Central London Couple & Individual Counselling – SKYPE COUNSELLING NOW AVAILABLE. – See Corona Virus and anxiety blog for self care.

Many thanks for the ongoing support and for helping me to begin making the changes I see in myself and life. Every piece of guidance has been gratefully appreciated and impactful.

– Brian, 2015

Welcome to Couple/Relationship and Individual counselling. I am a university trained and professionally registered therapist BACP (UK) operating in Central London.

Gerry North Psychotherapist/Counsellor
B.Ed Post Grad Dipl Counselling. BACP UK

Couple Counselling

Couple or relationship counselling provides a safe environment for partners to discuss what is working and what is not. Over time relationships change and can get out of kilter. Hurts happen and communication can easily break down with couples reticent to bring up conflict issues. When these unresolved conflicts are not resolved intimacy is affected.


Does Nothing Get Resolved?

Are you treading on eggshells?

Do you feel lonely?

Do you feel unheard?

Is no-one listening properly?

Counselling Helps with:

Getting The Trust Back

Managing Children & Your Relationship Better

Living as a “We” Rather Than Living Like Two “I’s”

Getting Out of the Rut – Finding Life Dreams Again

Improving Your Sex Life

Stopping The Loneliness

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Email and tell me what is happening in your relationship.


Sex Therapy

Sitting with a mature therapist who understands sex concerns, in a strictly confidential environment, can greatly reduce the anxiety around these issues. Sexual confidence is complicated with many unrealistic expectations on what is normal. Adding to this, common dysfunctions such as: premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, loss of desire, painful intercourse or couple intimacy issues are rarely openly discussed.

Grief and Loss Counselling

Life is tough and we all experience loss of various kinds. People leave us, pets die, relationships break down, people move away, childhoods are lost and illness robs people of the lives they expected. Grief is a part of the normal human condition. Knowing how to process that grief helps us understand our feelings and to move on with our lives in a healthy way. Talking therapy greatly helps the healing process and provides a new perspective on life.

I thought we were done and we would not find the way out of our mess. We now see our relationship in a new way with new ideas of being. Thanks Gerry.

– John 2016

Counselling for Individuals

Self-Esteem Counselling

We form our self-esteem feelings from our childhood experiences with parents, teachers, siblings, friends and the community. We carry these same self-esteem feelings into adulthood. The challenge as an adult is to create a positive self-image by healing past hurts and move towards positive self-regard, by re defining what we want our life to be about – what are our life values. This is also a golden opportunity to review if we are living the life we really want. (See blog on Shame)

Addiction Counselling

Gambling, sex, porn, drug and alcohol addiction are so common in our society because it is so easily available and our brains are so vulnerable to repeating compulsive behaviours. Merely trying to stop addiction is not enough. Understanding where it came from and why it needs to stop provides the answers to a cure. Gerry has the compassion and sensitivity to help you through this process moving towards a more healthy relationship with yourself and preventing you becoming a slave to addictions.

Depression & Anxiety Counselling

Depression is often caused by unspoken and unresolved past traumas. Anxiety is often based on fear of possible future events. Both these mental health states ruin happy lives and pass pain onto the ones we love. Counselling to alter negative thoughts, and giving voice to unspoken past events, can lift the veil of depression and anxiety. Gerry can help you through these damaging mental states to a more peaceful state of mind by management and positive reflection.