Research has shown the enormous health benefits of mild to moderate exercise, especially for those over forty. 30 minutes exercise four times a week has enormous benefits. Walking is a mild to moderate easy exercise that can greatly help you to not only improve your fitness but also prevent Alzheimer’s early onset. Walking is also extremely valuable with reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.

But none of us wants that Alzheimer’s shocker!


When you exercise you promote the movement of blood to all areas of the body, including your brain. Tiny blood vessels are opened up and filled with oxygen, giving life to surrounding cells. After exercise you also feel great because warm, fuzzy and happy brain chemicals have been released into your system. Our bodies are made to move from ancient times, however modern luxury life has made us sedentary beings.


Talking while you walk has great therapeutic benefits as well. The act of body motion and talking creates the free flowing of ideas and thoughts, called streams of consciousness. When walking and talking you free yourself to express, with others, your innermost thoughts, while the brain is being stimulated with happy chemicals. Take a look at people walking together and talking constantly. Great stuff!

Go on call a friend to walk with you 4 times a week for 30 – 40 minutes. It’s lovely thing to do first thing in the morning or at dusk. You might have to get up half an hour earlier but you will love it. You will talk freely as you walk without direct eye contact and in the rhythm of movement. We can help each other’s mental health as well by allowing our friend to freely talk about their lives and ours.

Walking therapy – fitness building and improving mental health at the same time.

It’s a win/win no brainer – pun intended.




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